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Daytona 500 (Maybe) [26 Feb 2012|12:09pm]

Looks like this one may not be run today because of all this cursed rain. I was looking forward to seeing if Danica could stay off the wall LOL. The drivers must be frustrated as hell, and those trailers they are in probably get to seeming pretty damn tight and stifling in the rain.

Oh well, go 24 and hopefully it will be ran today, otherwise I likely will miss it.
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TNT / ESPN Time [12 Jun 2011|07:39am]


This week starts the TNT / ESPN broadcasts of the Sprint Cup, and it looks like only 3 of the remaining 23 races are going to be on ABC. Oh well, might be lucky enough to hear some racing over the radio I guess. Anyhow, kind of rooting for Carl Edwards to end Jimmie's streak of 5 straight titles, other than that... go 24.

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Kansas (Better late than never) [05 Jun 2011|12:21pm]

Fell asleep on the sofa and just woke with well over half the race done. Oh well, Jeff Gordon is in second trailing Kurt Busch, so I like that #24 is in contention. Looks like Tony Stewart also has a solid car. Looking forward to about 100 laps of racing that is left. Go Big Daddy Gordon.
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Coca-Cola 600 (Plus that Indy race ;) ) [29 May 2011|09:21am]


Well, it is that one time a year I hear Jim Nabors sing, so, it must be Indy 500 and Coca-Cola 600 day. Indy is the only race in that circuit that I watch. I am rooting for Danica Patrick just to infuriate a knuckle draggin' friend of mine who does not think females should be in racing.

As for the race that really counts, the one at Charlotte. With Carl Edwards and Jimmie both looking good I cannot count them out. Jeff managed to qualify 11th, so that gives him a shot. But... my prediction, for reasons even I do not understand, is Kyle Busch and Tony Stewart being the two top spots (in one order or the other).

Anyhow, 1100 miles of televised auto racing in one Sunday.
How sweet is that ?

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It's Dover, Rover, then soon all over [15 May 2011|08:50am]

Looks like this week and the next two races and most of my Sprint Cup season is over. Oh well. I have my schedule cleared as well as my sofa, so I am ready.

Jimmie has another pole at a track he is pretty good at.

Kevin and Kyle want to kill each other. Cool, just do not take out anyone else.

At this rate #24 will not make the Chase. Maybe that would be the best thing and give him the freedom to just go out and win rather than worry about position in the Cup standings.

Junior needs a win, maybe this is the week.

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Richmond (better late than never) [30 Apr 2011|06:09pm]

After a week with no Sprint Cup racin' I somehow assumed this week's race was on Sunday (You know what they say about "assume"). Anyhow, this week I have no political correctness... I am rooting for #24 above all. Jeff only needs two more wins to be #3 all time... and I suspect that if he does not get it this year... he never will (and he has GOT to pass Allison and Waltrip .. he just has got to).

Anyhow... thanks to the slack-jawed yokel who called me a few minutes ago to ask me to subscribe to a newspaper I have subscribed to for years... you might be clueless, but, you woke me up and made me check the channels.

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Ding dang `dega [17 Apr 2011|09:59am]


I wonder if this will be the race where this two-car push racing will cause the big one ? It just seems like a recipe for putting someone in the hospital. I know Junior sounded like he was about to mess his Underoos in the pre-race interview.

I am pulling for Carl Edwards today, but, of course would love to see Jeff Gordon get one more of the couple wins he needs to be third all-time in wins (and he is up front for at least part of the the first lap ;)  ).

My A-1 bud here says Vickers is due, so I will be watching him too.

"Boogity, boogity, boogity !"

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Martinsville today ! [03 Apr 2011|09:56am]

With McMurray, Newman, Kahne, & Logano out front to start I wonder if we will get someone new in the winner's circle today ? Glad the race is on early here as I still have a chore or two to do, but I got my sofa-surfin' clothes on and I am ready for racin'.
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Hell of a finish ! [27 Mar 2011|03:08pm]

Hard to believe that was only 400 miles, as it seemed to take forever, but, that last few laps made up for it. Jimmie did as well as he was predicted to and almost won it. That "nudging" at the end seemed like the kind of racing that had been missing all day. Whew, Harvick really earned that one.
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Bristol Sunday [18 Mar 2011|01:40pm]

It sounds like tires are going to be the issue. Goodyear is having a hard time finding something that will work, and when they get these other tires in the teams will have a lot less practice time on them than the want. Oh well.... more fun to watch.

I have not seen the TV schedule, but, once they get to that part of the season when it leaves network TV and goes to cable (TNT I think) I will be without NASCAR till close to the end of the season. No cable makes Jim a dull boy.

Anyhow... looking forward to the race.

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Vegas Cup Race [06 Mar 2011|03:40pm]

Damn ! #24  hit the wall HARD !!!!  I am officially rooting for Junior and/or Smoke for the rest of this race (Love both of them) !!! Boogity boogity boogity !

BTW... I can, and likely will, post in this communtiy despite its lack of participation.... cuz I luvs my NASCAR Sprint Cup racin' and I am totally shameless. 8^)

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Jeff Gordon's 83rd Cup win [05 Mar 2011|10:24am]


Wow. Was a long time coming, but, now Jeff Gordon is tied for 5th all-time in wins. Seems like a century ago that the fans at that same track, the one by my hometown, showered him with bottles and debris for having the audacity to get his 76th. Anyhow, I suspect he will pass the two tied for third, but, I do not see him catching David Pearson's 105 wins at this point in his career.

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way to be ageist Bill Kimm [08 Sep 2009|06:31pm]


From NASCAR.COM  http://www.nascar.com/2009/news/features/09/08/head.2.head.chase.field/index.html

"As for the rest of the top 12 -- Ryan Newman, Juan Montoya, Mark Martin, Greg Biffle and Matt Kenseth -- they all know what needs to be done. These are smart race car drivers, and as long as they keep Kyle Busch and Brian Vickers in their sight, they'll make the Chase.

This brings us to Vickers and Busch. You can put an argument together for both of them as to why they will race their way in. Vickers has eight consecutive top-12 finishes and Busch has seven top-fives at Richmond. But what both lack is history."

WOW Bill Kimm, way to be ageist.

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I Called It! [26 Apr 2009|06:01pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

last OCtober when NASCAR made the retarded decision to take away the win from Smith I siad that would happen! I said that's going to happen again and someone is going to say fuck it and wreck the guy and probably send the car into the stands....

NASCAR isn't goingto be happy until they kill some fans. The yellow line rule is one of the stupidest rules ever and causes more wrecks than it prevents.

IndyCar races are generally more interesting now anyway. At least their rules makes sense.

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Blatant NA$CAR Favoritism? [15 Feb 2009|06:36pm]

[ mood | angry ]

I think it's just been proven as an overwhleming YES.

What Dale Jr. did to Vickers was 10 times worse than what Jason Leffler did yesterday in the Nationwide race and he was penalized 5 laps. Jr. should've gotten the same treatment, but not with the Jr.(Hendrick) fans of Helton and France running the show. Like this country before we rid ourselves of Bush, this sport needs a new front office cuz the people in charge have ruined the sport like Bush ruined this country.

If Jr. ends up winning this race it's an absolute JOKE.

(P.S....none of my favorite drivers were involved in the ensuing wreck but it's not the matter at hand)

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HAHAHA! [06 Oct 2008|12:13am]

[ mood | tired ]

Nice to see NA$CAR is still picking and choosing their winners.

What a joke they've turned into.

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Kyle Busch... [04 May 2008|06:59am]

[ mood | amused ]

I'm no Kyle Busch fan. I often say every race you can guarantee he will do the dumbest thing.

However, the stupidity/hypocricy of Jr. fan amuse the fuck out of me. They WISH Jr. had half the talent that fucker Busch has. The fact is that Jr. aka biggest fan leech/overrated driver ever will never be shit compared to his father and Kyle Busch is more like Dale Sr. than Jr. ever will be. Oh, and of course if the roles were reversed last night Jr. fans would right it off as a racing incident or "something the old man would do"...fucking morons. Of course, Dale Sr. would never lower himself to drive for lowlife criminal scum like Rick Hendrick.

Then the dumb fucks throw shit on the track? Hero of the rednecks. Shit, the last time I threw anything on a playing surface was 10 years ago at a Bruins/Hurricanes hockey game. I tossed my Whaler jersey on the ice as a "fuck you" to Peter Karmanos for giving those redneck fucks a hockey team...of course, he's another criminal in his own right but that's besides the point.

In any case, it's just simply stupid the way the "Jr. nation" reacted to the incident. I'm glad Bowyer won and not Busch and was hoping he'd try that crap on Bowyer too so Martin would win.

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Holy Crap???? [04 Apr 2008|05:12pm]


Did yall see Michael's Crash?  That was FREAKING AWESOME that he got walked away. 

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[10 Mar 2008|12:09pm]

I only live 90 minutes from Bristol, but seeing as I pay my own tuition at Virginia Tech, I am the definition of poor college student. I've only been to a race there once, but it was amazing and I'd give anything to go back.

So, I entered the SHARPIEST NASCAR FAN contest on my local radio station, WROV.


But I REALLY REALLY REALLY want Food City 500 tickets, and I need you guys to help me.


I am S. Davis, the CASEY MEARS fan, duh!!

This is only going on through midnight. Please help me out!!

Crossposted like woah cuz I really want these tickets! I want to take my dad who loves Bristol but has never had the money to go. Thanks guys!
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First Cup Win [09 Mar 2008|04:03pm]

Since it's introduction to motorsports in the early 1970s, Toyota have been involved in a number of motorsport activities, most notably rally, sportscar racing, Formula One and Nascar. Currently, Toyota participate in Formula One and Nascar, although Toyota cars are still entered in rally competitions these are privateer entries and are not backed by the company themselves.

Congratulations, Toyota on your 1st Cup win in NASCAR!!!!

Kyle Bush - 1st
Tony Stewart - 2nd
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